Keeton House was designed to support a vibrant intellectual resident community. Keeton House has two main residential areas, Keeton-North and Keeton-South, which are connected by the main lobby on the first floor. The residents of Keeton House have full access to both areas. The Dining Hall in the Ground floor is open to the larger Cornell community during public hours.


A floor color is designated to every floor in Keeton House, which corresponds to the student staff (either a Graduate Resident Fellow or an Undergraduate Resident Fellow) living on that floor. Floor colors are used to group residents for special House Dinners.



Keeton-North houses all rooms that have two-digit room numbers under 60 and Keeton-South houses all rooms that have two-digit room numbers over 60.

(Just remember this: Keeton-North <60, Keeton South >60)


Every floor has more or less the same basic amenities with slight differences.


  • Every floor is equipped with a trash/recycle room. Please discard trash in the chute and discard recyclables in the recycling bin. Flatten any cardboard boxes and leave it by the wall.
  • Every floor is equipped with a common landline phone that you can use to call for emergency, a local line, or a GRF-on-call. (A few of the phones may be in the stairwell)
  • Most floors have a common study table and at least (2) common bathrooms in the hall.
  • Most floors have a drinking fountain.
  • The kitchen is available on the following floors:
    • 1st and 3rd floor Keeton-North
    • 2nd and 3rd floor Keeton-South

The kitchen comes equipped with a stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink and plenty of cabinet space. As a common resource, students are expected to clean the kitchen sink and counters after use. If you plan to store anything in the refrigerator, please label and date your food!

*If you would like to check out a cooking supply or other equipment, please visit the House Office.


  • Study spaces can be found on the first floor lobby with the availability of 3 individual study rooms, a seminar room, a conference room, a library and a computer lab. There is also a Common Room in the Ground Floor which is available to use when it is not occupied by the Dining Hall. Due to the high demand for these rooms, please note that Keeton Residents have priority to use these spaces.

* If you need to reserve a room, please inquire at the house office front desk.

  • The Ground Floor on the North Side contains these facilities:
    • TV Lounge with DirecTV
    • Music Room with a piano and drumset (sign-out drumsticks from the House Office)
    • Food Pantry with leftover fruits and snacks from the Dining Hall
    • Laundry Room
    • Vending Machine
  • A patio is located behind the Dining Hall.


If you have a non-emergency building/facilities issue, please submit an online work request order (Maximo).