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House Professor-Dean

The House Professor is the Dean and leader of the House community and provides intellectual and social direction for the House. The House Professor-Dean works in close partnership with the Assistant Dean, graduate and undergraduate staff, Active Citizens, House Fellows, and the Keeton Collective to maintain the welfare of the House community and the well-being of its individual members.

Steve Jackson

Steven Jackson
House Professor-Dean
143 Keeton House

Steven Jackson is an Associate Professor of Information Science and Science and Technology Studies, and a member of the Communication and Public Affairs graduate fields. He teaches and conducts research in the areas of human-computer interaction, science and technology policy, and international development, with special interest in problems of ethics, law, design, and governance in complex sociotechnical systems. His work as appeared in over 60 journal articles and conference proceedings, and has been supported by funders ranging from the U.S. National Science Foundation and Social Science Research Council to the Ford Foundation, Intel Research, and the World Bank. Dr. Jackson holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Science Studies from the University of California, San Diego; a M.A. in Political Economy from Carleton University in Ottawa; and a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Concordia University in Montreal. Born and raised in northern Ontario, he has also lived, worked and conducted research in Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea. When he's not wearing his academic hat, he enjoys biking, camping, reading, and listening to music (especially jazz). Dr. Jackson is joined in Keeton House by his wife Kary Young, who holds a B.A. in Sociology and Women's Studies from Carleton University and a M.A. in Education from Goddard College; son Oliver (age 14); daughter Lucia (age 11); and their two very friendly dogs, Cash and Charlie.