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Movies That Make You Think

Movies That Make You Think at House Professor Jackson's Apt. G70

Every few weeks, House Professor Steve Jackson invites residents to his home, apartment G70, on a Friday evening to view a documentary, followed by discussion. Keeton House Fellows and staff participate in facilitating the discussion.

The Fall 2016 schedule for Movies That Make You Think includes:

Friday, September 16th
“Online Privacy: Terms and Conditions May Apply”
Host: House Professor Steve Jackson
Filmmaker Cullen Hoback exposes the erosion of online privacy and what information governments and corporations are legally taking from citizens each day.

Friday, October 21st
“The House I Live In”
Host: House Fellow Mary Katzenstein
The death of his housekeeper’s son inspires filmmaker Eugene Jarecki to add up the true cost of America’s losing war on drugs.

Friday, November 11th
“The Hunting Ground”
Host: Graduate Resident Fellow Kat Evinson and House Professor Partner Kary Young
An exposé of rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, their institutional cover-ups, and the devastating toll they take on students and their families.

Friday, November 18th
Host: House Fellow Karen Jaime
An attempt to unpack the experience that so many artists fall victim to as we follow Jeremiah “Monk-One” Sinclair, an underground New York hip hop artist.